Since 1995 we’ve enjoyed the reputation as the talent solution for makeup artists and stylists.

“I know I can relax when I book Anne Makeup & Styling,” remarked a client at General Services Administration.

We’ll work to gain your confidence by respecting your time and your budget by booking the most professional,

talented and cost-conscious makeup artists, set stylists, food stylists, fashion and hair stylists.

Located in the nation’s capital, we’re available wherever in the world you need us.

Located in an 1894 brick Victorian on Capitol Hill, Anne Makeup & Styling offers stunning makeup and styling solutions. Since 1995, friendly, wildly-talented onsite artists have been designing the perfect look for your production, as well as the overseeing the final touches for successful film, print ads, events and weddings.

Makeup Artist. The shoot is planned and beautifully art directed. The photographer’s bag of tricks is turning your shoot into a moving, compelling product. Now for the finishing touches. Enter: the makeup artist/hair stylist. But how many times I’ve heard the client say, “Not much makeup, I want a natural look.” So, what is the natural look anyway? Greasy, blotchy skin with dark circles and five o’clock shadow? Sort of depressed and unhealthy? Yikes. Most professional makeup is subtle and successfully accomplishes the feel of a photo or film. But sometimes bright, contemporary and anything-but-subtle makeup is just the ticket for a fashion shoot.

Stylist. A stylist pulls the look together to help assure an award-winning  production. A talented stylist offers an invaluable “set of eyeballs.” Trained, experienced eyes and hands influence the balance and composition — the very look of a photo, video or film production or special event. Anne Makeup & Styling presents just the right stylist specializing in food, interior sets, wardrobe, tabletop, even outside “sets.”